All Over Denim

Denim-on-denim has been a classic theme that many style bloggers have done at least once, so I figured I should do one post on it too! I don’t have too many denim pieces because I’m not a huge fan of common denim pieces unless they have a unique twist to it. I also wanted to style something different from the common denim-on-denim concepts, which usually involves jeans and a outerwear. So in this post, I’m going to share with you my favourite denim pieces!

Instead of wearing jeans, I paired it with my dark distressed denim pencil skirt so there’s a slight twist to the usual casual vibes of denim. I love the skirt because it’s more versatile than most denim pieces and it just shows that denim pieces can be paired in other ways other than casual outfits.

I decided to go with my favourite denim outerwear – I bought this from a shop in Taiwan. I was so attracted to the unique prints back then I didn’t  care that my size was sold out, I simply bought one size bigger. I love the little prints scattered all over the shirt: my all time favourite is the pocket peace sign heh ✌🏻 I added my floral clock necklace to throw in some old school vintage vibes and enhance the colours.

The truth is this: I would choose sneakers/my air maxes over heels anytime. BUT I decided on heels to add onto the mix in vibes and tilt it more towards smart casual. I didn’t want to overdo it with formal heels, so I chose my chunky peep-toes and I love the overall look.

It was a fun time experimenting with ways to style denim on denim, and this is really but just one different way from the usual. Do share with me how you wear your denim pieces together! Have a good week ahead 🙂


What I’m Wearing:

Denim shirt – NHJC Design (here)


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