Basic White Tee: Layering (I)


If you have been following my content, you would’ve noticed by now that my style and aesthetics is mainly focused on minimal and monochrome. This means that most of time when I feel too lazy to dress up, I usually just put on my plain white/black tees, go with a pair of black shorts and staple accessories. But this also means that it gets boring after a while – so today’s post is about how I style my white tee! I know there’s so many articles written by style bloggers on ways to wear a white tee – knot it, wear with jeans/skirt/printed skirt/working skirt etc but this post is focused on layering. So this post is also partly on the types of outerwear I own in my wardrobe – because I love how different type of layers completely changes the vibe of the same basics. I have so many different outerwear and I had to split it into two posts – so if you like what you see, stay tuned for the second post!


  1. Crop and Lace




My lace jacket is one of my favourite jackets because it adds so much texture to every outfit. I love that it shows the skin and colours subtlely underneath – and I decided to add onto the chic vibe by cropping my top and pairing it with my chunky heels. Why bother buying a crop tee when you could just fold up your tee and crop it manually (and reversibly)? I much prefer this over normal crop tops because I like the slight puffy and layered feeling it adds onto the edges of the top. You can try this with any plain tee!


2. Blazer



I know everyone thinks blazers are meant only for formal attires but really, it all boils down to how you style it. I got a striped instead of a plain blazer (which would look much more formal) because it is a more versatile piece. I wear it for both my formal events and casual outings. You can pair it even with sandals like how I did it. If I ever wear my blazer out on normal days, I would always wear something plain underneath to put the attention on my blazer – I feel that the mixture in casual/formal vibes adds a lovely bold touch to the outfit.


3. Japanese/structured cardigan



I am a huge lover of structured or Japanese-like cardigans – they have this minimal, modern yet cozy vibes to them. It’s a plus point if it’s textured, like this wool cardigan. It’s structured so it forms a nice frame on your body which attracts attention on both the cardigan and what you are wearing underneath. Structured pieces also gather a lot of attention themselves so they really don’t need to have super loud prints to make your outfit stand out – just a minimal design would completely the outfit. 

I hope this post gives you some inspiration on the types of outerwear you might consider owning in your wardrobe, and how to layer the same set of basics! I really enjoyed styling for this post simply because I love wearing all my different outerwear so much. I am excited for part 2 of this post already! l would love to hear from you guys – so let me know how you guys style your basics in the comments below alright ✌🏻


What I’m Wearing:

Clara Wool Cardigan – shopatvelvet (here)

Tailored Blazer – klarra (here)

Concrete Necklace – thehalfhalfstudio (here)


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