Basic White Tee: Layering (II)

2016-07-19 11.26.09

Hi guys! I hope you guys enjoyed and picked up something from the first part (here) of the Basic White Tee: Layering post 🙂 This post is the second part – let’s get started!


  1. Japanese Kimono

2016-07-19 11.31.41

I rarely have colourful prints in my wardrobe, but I really like the cutting and prints of this piece. I was initially worried that the prints would be too loud and unconventional, but I love how artistic and bold the prints were compared to the common tribal kimonos. The cutting frames the entire outfit really well, because it was well-balanced between being structured and flowy. All in all it adds a lovely Japanese vibe to a plain outfit, so I would totally recommend you to try getting one if you’re someone who likes to experiment with your prints and outerwear.


2. Trench Coat

2016-07-19 11.18.39

My trench coat is one of the pieces that I wear the most often simply because it is so easy to pair it. Regardless what I’m wearing – basics, monochrome, colours, formal, pants, skirts – my trench would match the outfit most of the time. The material is similar to cotton cupro, which adds a really smooth and cool vibe on top of whatever I’m wearing. The design is simple and the cutting is straight, which makes it go well with both simple and loud pieces, and pieces of all cutting.

2016-07-19 11.22.11

I also love that it’s a long coat, so it adds onto your height and helps to frame your entire outfit. It works for both formal and casual outfits – but I usually put it on with sandals and basics just to add a more mysterious vibe. There’s also an optional tie at the back, so you can adjust how it frames your body and change it to a more “winter” rather than “summer” trench coat look.


3. Silk Scarf

2016-07-19 11.12.49

My last piece isn’t exactly an outerwear, but a layering accessory. My mum bought me a really colourful silk scarf from China, and initially I had no idea what to do with it. It’s really inappropriate (or rather, just impossible) to wear a scarf in my (ridiculously) sunny island of Singapore, and this is probably the most colourful piece of clothing in my wardrobe. However, I didn’t want to waste this scarf away so I decided to change it into an accessory – a huge silk necklace!

2016-07-19 11.12.54

The colours are really vibrant, and the silky material adds a lovely wavy and flowy vibe to whatever you are wearing. The length was just enough – I love the colours and silk were so well-balanced with plain basics and simple textures. It’s a really loud accessory and it goes well with most monochrome basics! For the first time I was so happy wearing something this colourful ✌🏻

Anddddd this is the end of this post! I hope you guys enjoyed the different ways I layer my basics. Do share with me in the comments if you have any more ideas! Have a good week ahead 🙂


What I’m Wearing:

Japanese Kimono – Dorothy Perkins (here)

Black Trench Coat – Aforarcade (here)


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