My First Crochet


Hi everyone! It’s been ages since I last posted anything thanks to clinicals – and I finally got around to doing it 😀

Today I’ll be sharing my first crochet piece in my wardrobe – the Rondea Crochet Midi Dress from Love, Bonito. I used to hate buying crochet because 1. they’re so hard to maintain (getting hooked onto things all the time, especially when I always have accessories on) and 2. many crochet pieces have weird/circular/holey patterns (and I’m trypophobic) so I never got around to buying one.

For Chinese New Year 2017 I was forced to buy new clothing that was not monochrome (because chinese being chinese) by my mum, and I hate bright coloured clothing – so when I chanced upon this dress while desperately shopping online, I was surprised that I fell for this dress almost immediately.



I’ve been into nude/taupe colours lately – in an attempt to add some colours to my monochrome wardrobe and after trying really hard to resist the white version of this dress, I settled on this colour which was a nice mixture between deep and rose taupe. I like how this colour gives off really comfortable and neutral vibes, while the slight rosey colour adds a nice feminine touch to it.

I’ve also been buying more midi dresses these days – partly because I’ve to wear office attire for clinicals everyday, but also because I love how midi, straight-cut dresses are generally more versatile. Even after changing my wardrobe – throwing away and (trying to) selling all my casual pieces of clothing, I love how I can still grab one of these dresses and wear it out with a pair of sneakers.




I had to accessorise (just because I had to) – but it was slightly difficult to find accessories that complement instead of overloading a dress that is already full of details. I decided to go with some minimal, silver accessories – my Cecolours ceramic ring and silver Tara Pearl and Cubic Bangle from Kollidea, and my Twisted Necklace from Madegrey. I wanted to add a subtle smooth layer on top of the crochet details – which allows the accessories to stand out sufficiently without being overwhelming.



So yayz here’s the end of this outfit post! I’m really sorry that I’ve been neglecting this blog (but I’m still actively posting on my Instagram) – but I’m really working on posts and shoots so thank you for being patient with me. Do check out the links at the end of the post if you’re interested in getting the pieces I’m wearing.

Also, I’m selling my pieces on Carousell (account @mystiquespace) so do check it out if you like my outfits – they’re either BNWT items or preloved items in brand new conditions. Prices are also negotiable and I don’t bite so please help me save some money thanks âœŒđŸ»




What I’m Wearing:

Rondea Crochet Midi Dress (Taupe) – Love, Bonito (here)

Twisted Necklace (Silver) – Madegrey (here)

CECOLOURS Ceramic Ring (White) – Kollidea (here)

Tara Pearl and Cubic Bangle (Silver) – Kollidea (here)


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