My Roman


Hello you! First of all, let me apologise for the late post. Wanted to post this on Wednesday evening, but I was so swarmed with clinicals and tests that it slipped my mind. One day late, nonetheless I am still excited to share with you guys one of my favourite all-black ensemble!




Today’s outfit features the Roman Top (Black) from shopatvelvet, and a pair of simple striped culottes from thetinselrack. I usually don’t buy clothes that have a knot somewhere because… I feel that it alters the shape and form of the clothing and it usually makes it look asymmetrical (sorry, OCD me). However, I am in love with this top – the knot comes from 2 separate flaps, which gives it the Roman, tunic vibes. The sleeves are a little “batman-wings”-like, and I like the way the cloth gathers towards the knot symmetrically, making the top look loose and flowy while forming a subtle and nice wrap around your waist. This highlights your curves without overdoing it.




The material is crepe (which is classic of shopatvelvet), which brings a nice texture and balances out the minimal vibes of the top without it being too plain. It also adds a really soft yet sophisticated layer to the outfit. There’s also separate flaps at the back, which gives a nice slit at the side and adds a straight-cut shape at the back if you tie the knot loosely. I usually tie a loose knot so the top doesn’t get too bodycon!




Alternately, you can leave the flaps untied and make the outfit look more more loose fit. This makes it look more comfy and home-y, and I love this variation just as much. I paired it with my black striped culottes because the shape of the top fits nicely above the baggy culottes. The culottes are slightly A-cut, so the entire outfit looks straight and neat when I layered the top on. The crisp stripes adds a nice contrasting texture to the crepe material too! I wore my strap sandals and beaded monochrome bracelets to finish up the Roman vibes, and accessorised it with my White Opalised Agate Stone necklace from byinviteonly to mix in some modern and mystique vibes.



This outfit is so comfortable and it frames your body so well. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and pictures as much I enjoyed shooting (and wearing) it! Leave a comment below to let me know what you think about it ✌🏻 See you guys next week and YAS IT’S FRIDAY TOMORROW 😌



What I’m Wearing:

Roman Top (Black) – shopatvelvet (here)

White Opalised Agate Stone Necklace – byinviteonly (here)

Black Striped Culottes – thetinselrack (here)


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