NYFW: Diane von Furstenberg

Hello on a Sunday morning ūüėĆ my weekends are passing so unbelievably fast and¬†I barely get to enjoy them before the busy week in hospital starts again. ¬†Am currently down with sinusitis and I’m going to rest this weekend away but before I do, let me just share with you one of my favourite fashion shows from the New York Fashion Week! (p.s I signed up to be a volunteer for Singapore Fashion Week so I hope I’ll get a chance!!)

This SS17 show is by Diane von Furstenberg, designed by¬†Scottish-born designer Jonathan Saunders. I’m just going to share some of my favourite outfits – let’s get started~


  1. Prints

One of the key features of this show was the use of contrasting and juxtaposing prints. The highlights were mainly the use of fluttering and flowy kimono silk prints alongside bold stripes, plaids, polka dots and thick, heavy, classic, Japanese and luxurious looking prints. I love how the different prints are paired, especially when he matched the Japanese vibes along modern, cool clothing which made the outfits look so effortless. The use of different prints in layering pieces such as jackets and aprons was not over-the-top and just enough to produce minimal, bold and loud looks.






    2. Textures and materials

I’ve never been a big fan of asymmetry, but the use of asymmetrical dresses and layering of different textures made the outfits look cool,¬†wearable and unpredictable. I love how even though most of the materials were fluttery and flowy, the cutting of the outfit made it look structured and ever-changing, which gives you a new perspective every time you revisit the outfit. The outfits are extremely practical and wearable, and suitable for many occasions. Even though I don’t like colourful outfits, the appropriate choice of colours along with the material made the colours pop but not explode in your face. My favourite is the combination of¬†the pastel/nude shades!






And there you go! These are some of my favourite outfits. I really wish I could be at NYFW right now looking at all the shows! Hopefully a chance will come one day. Hope you guys enjoyed this post and do go check the shows out if you’re interested hehe. Have a good Sunday and weekend ahead! P.S these 2 are my favourite outfits!




Diane von Furstenberg Spring/Summer 2017 Ready-To-Wear Collectionhere


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