Pinstripes Pinstripes Pinstripes


Hi everyone – tomorrow’s Friday!! I am so excited to end the week and I am so sorry for the late post – Infectious Disease clinical posting is just draining my life force and sucking my soul so it took me a while! Today’s outfit is all about this – PINSTRIPES PINSTRIPES PINSTRIPES ohohoho most of you guys would know I love minimal and I love stripes so let’s get started!




I love this Tailored Striped Waistcoat (in Grey) from fashmob. I’ve never really been a vest person because 1. they were either too formal or casual and 2. they’re usually really flowy/flappy like trench coats so I never found one that I really liked until I saw this! This vest comes in a really minimalistic and structured cut – formal enough to pull off work outfits but yet stylish and cozy enough for casual basics on lazy dress-down days. The material is thick enough to form a nice frame regardless what you’re wearing underneath – so it goes well with almost everything! My favourite part of it all: the lines are ridiculously clean and crisp (omg).






I paired it with my Structured Bustier in Pinstripes from Klarra (stole it at a sale hohoho). I never really dared to try bustiers or tube tops (because fat arms alert) but I love how structured the bustier is – and you can pair it with any type of material as the bottom. I’ve worn it with shorts, culottes (like my favourite Short Culottes in Black from cloth-inc in this outfit), midi/maxi flowy skirts, denim structured pants etc etc. It’s so versatile and when I’m feeling lazy, I just throw it on with my shorts for a more chic look. 






I decided to go with 2 pinstripes items because… why not? I love the subtle differences in the material of the clothing and the texture of the stripes on each piece. I paired it with my chunky heels for a chic/lady look, but really this outfit goes with any type of shoes. I added a choker from Sarahthursday to mix up the vibes a little, making the outfit a tad more casual.






All in all, I hope you guys liked this outfit! My posts might be a tad irregular these days because I’m really busy with school – but trust me I am really still working on my outfits and posts. Till next week; leave a comment to let me know what you think 🙂


What I’m Wearing:

Structured Bustier in Pinstripes – Klarra (here)

Tailored Striped Waistcoat (in Grey) – Fashmob (here)

Short Culottes in Black – Cloth-inc (here)

Cerebrum Choker – Sarahthursday (here)


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