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Loose fit, baggy, comfortable, minimal, cozy – these words probably sum up what a perfect piece of clothing would be for me. I never liked satin – mainly because it is difficult to maintain, it crumples way too easily for a lazy person like me, and there’s a glow to the material which makes it a little too showy for me. I stepped a little out of my comfort zone this time when I got this piece: Pursuit top from shopatvelvet.

My favourite details of the shirt: dropped shoulders, extremely loose fit, and ridiculously long sleeves with ribbon ties at the end. The sleeve details at the end gives a nice, subtle balloon structure to the sleeves without making it too floppy. I thought the top would look really shiny but it turned out to have just a nice, faint glimmer to it due to the nice shade of brown – which dampens it down. And I have to admit – it is ridiculously comfortable, as with all shopatvelvet pieces.




I wore this top so many times and in so many different ways. In this post, I paired it with my trumpet skirt to give a nice structure to the outfit and to accentuate the waist area. I’ve worn it with A-line, 3/4 structured culottes before as well to add onto the cozy, baggy vibes. It’s a really versatile piece that you can wear for both work and casual – and the best thing about it being satin is that you can wear it around Singapore (which is ridiculously hot these days).

I’m showing you 2 ways of accessorising it in this post – one is my favourite 925 Sterling Silver Knitted Choker by madegrey, and the other is the Flower Drop Pearl necklace from Kollidea. The former gives a more minimal yet sophisticated look, while the latter gives a more outgoing and chic vibe. This is by far my favourite (and only) satin piece and I am so in love with it. Hope you guys like what you read above and drop a comment below ✌🏻



What I’m Wearing:

Pursuit Top (Brown) – shopatvelvet (here)

925 Sterling Silver Knitted Choker (Rose Gold) – madegrey (here)

Flower Drop Pearl necklace (Grey) – Kollidea (here)

Trumpet Skirt (Black) – theclosetlover (here)


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