Runafter Laurie

2016-08-13 10.51.25

Feeling my Monday greys 😌 Hope your Monday has been good! School has been busy and I’m just drowning in my studies so I’m excited to get away from it for a while and write this post hohoho. Let’s get started!2016-08-13 10.48.08

Today’s outfit comprises some of my favourite items from my wardrobe. The pieces are from some local designer brands – Eightslate and Runafter.

I’ve been eyeing the Laurie Off-shoulder top from Eightslate for a long time because I love the cutting so much. Most off-shoulders are fluffy with an elastic band around the arms, but this top has a back zip and  I am so in love with cuffed “rings” around the arm. This makes the top looks like it’s just hanging nicely on you, and the back zip makes the top feel really secure. The material makes the top look so smooth and sleek, and instead of pairing it with pants, you can pair it with a maxi skirt and heels and you’re ready for formal events.2016-08-13 10.42.47

2016-08-13 10.39.49

The off-shoulders has a straight cut, which adds onto the minimal and soft outlook. I paired it with the Wide Leg Pleated Denim Pants from Runafter. Buying this pair was one of the boldest decisions I’ve ever made regarding my wardrobe because 1. It’s pretty expensive (I’m not going to lie, it was a birthday present to myself) 2. It’s a very structured and loud piece that grabs people’s attention wherever you go.2016-08-13 10.58.23

2016-08-13 10.45.06

However, this pair is my favourite pair of pants thus far because it has such lovely details. The structured pleat at the sides gives it a Japanese and slight traditional vibe, with a contrasting casual denim material. The denim is really good and thick though – but it’s structured so it’s not warm to wear it around Singapore at all. It’s hard to capture it on the camera, but there are actually gold threads sewn in the denim and in real life, you would be able to see the glistening gold threads under the sun! I usually pair this pants with a simple white camisole and sandals, but I decided to mix it up a little this time by styling 2 black pieces with very different textures. And I love how it turned out!2016-08-13 10.47.34

2016-08-13 11.00.04

Instead of wearing heels for a chic look, I added a sporty element to the outfit with my sneakers and cap. To finish up the outfit, I added my concrete necklace. The rough textures and stripes added a perfect touch to the minimal outfit.2016-08-13 10.42.31

2016-08-13 10.46.51

All in all, this is one of my favourite outfits! From my favourite staple accessories to a clean off-shoulders and lovely structured wide leg pants – it’s a lovely recipe for mixing up sport, minimal and chic vibes. I hope you guys enjoyed the post and let me know what you think! As I said in my instagram, I’m really busy with school these days so I might not have as many new outfit posts on Ig. But no worries, I’ll do my best to ensure that the posts will continue regularly! Thank you for the patience and for reading this. Have a good week ahead darlings ✌🏻


What I’m Wearing:

Laurie Off-Shoulder – Eightslate (here)

Wide Leg Pleated Denim Pants -Runafter (here)


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