Staples in Stone






For someone who’s obsessed with monochrome, staples are not considered staples unless they fit into this colour scheme. Today I’m sharing some of my favourite staples that I would just put on when I simply cannot decide what to wear – without looking too boring or similar to what others would wear.

You would probably have seen this top before because I’m always wearing and finding new ways to style it: Stone Blouse by shopatvelvet (yes, most of my staples are from SAV because of their lovely minimal vibes). The slit down the side makes it so much more versatile and is a lovely detail. I love the crepe material which makes really cozy and homely, but yet sophisticated enough to wear it for work. This time I paired it with my staple culottes from cloth-inc – which has a perfect cut and goes well with everything. Even though both pieces are straight-cut (or slightly A-lined) – both pieces are really well-structured and thus it doesn’t make the outfit look overly flare. The top is versatile in the sense that you can play with the slit by tucking one or both in, or leaving it completely untucked in this outfit.

I paired this outfit with my favourite concrete blocks necklace from thehalfhalfstudio – which adds on to the geometrical and minimal vibes. Lastly to end off on a slightly chic look, I wore my favourite ASOS Rose Gold Toe Cap sneakers. I wanted a nice plain pair of sneakers that would still stand out on its own and I love the colours in this pair.

So these are just some of my favourite staples and do let me know if you like to see more ways of how I style and mix up simple pieces. Thanks for reading ✌🏻


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