Twina x Safe Flight


This week’s post is on my favourite bomber jacket that I’ve always wanted to share with you guys but never got to – Safe Flight bomber jacket by younghungryfree. I always liked how bomber jackets looked, but it was the trend so everyone had one and I figured it was really boring to get the same plain bomber that everyone had – so this bomber was perfect for me. I paired it with the Twina Layered Midi dress from Love, Bonito. I used to dislike midi dresses because I thought they look too formal – but guess what, Candice needs to wear office wear everyday now because of clinicals and therefore I succumbed to looking like a office lady. But I refuse to look like just an average working lady so I decided to style this midi dress up with the bomber to mix up the vibes a little.




I was surprised at how flattering this dress was – the top layer helped to accentuate your figure while the bottom was a nice straight cut, not too body-hugging. I also love how the layer isn’t too flare, which will over-emphasise on your bust. This makes the dress gives off a nice clean, straight but layered look, which makes it so versatile – from business formal to casual with sneakers, this dress can pull it off. And not to mention – this dress was what got me started on my midi craze.





Next on to the bomber – as its name suggests, all the cute flight details and instructions are actually printed all over the bomber. But it isn’t too cluttered and I love how all the lines and instructions in Japanese makes it so much more minimal and clean – the perfect way to spice up the boring and common bomber!




Last accessories – paired this outfit with my lovely cozy clay necklace and my new Charles and Keith Top Handle Bowling Bag in caramel. I love the cute structure and shape of this bag – and even though I’m never a fan of any colours except black, white and grey for my bags, this brown is a lovely shade and I love it more with each day that I use it for my clinicals. And finally, my new loafers from Passion – they’re ridiculously comfortable with lovely classic and minimal designs (I bought 3 different pairs from them) so do go check them out!

Hope you guys like this outfit and do comment to let me know what you think ✌🏻 Next blog post will be on slightly different vibes and I can’t wait to share it with you guys.






What I’m Wearing:

Twina Midi Layered Dress (White) – Love, bonito (here)

Safe Flight Bomber Jacket (Grey) – Younghungryfree (here)

Top Handle Bowling Bag (Caramel) – Charles & Keith (here)

A8-2 White Comfort Loafer – Passion (here)


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