Y-3: 5 things I love

I used to keep myself updated with the fashion shows on Vogue for style and aesthetic inspiration, but I haven’t been checking out the recent fashion show pictures because I was so busy with school. Popped by the website today and I stumbled upon this collection from Y-3 – I fell in love with it because it encompasses everything I love about fashion and how I style, so today I am going to share with you guys the 5 things I loved about the collection and a few of my favourite outfits.

Here’s the link for the full show and HD pictures: SPRING/SUMMER 2017, MENSWEAR, Y-3


  1. Bold on practical

Many times I (and probably everyone else) look at the outfits in fashion shows and I go “wow they’re gorgeous but I would never ever wear that out because it’s just so impractical”. However, when I saw these 3 outfits, I felt that I could actually just put them on and go out on a casual day. I love how he boldly and uniquely placed the focus on the practical aspects of the clothing – namely the pockets and the zippers, highlighting the fact that there’re so many ways to design a pair of pants/jumpsuit that is practical enough for day-to-day wear and stylish enough to establish your presence when you wear it on the streets. Personally, I would totally get that pair of pants on the right!


2. Textures

Those who know me would know that I am a huge lover of textures, materials and layering, and that’s a reason why I’m so picky with my buys. I am literally obsessed with how he chose and layered the different materials for these 2 outfits (and all of the others actually).

Left: I love the leather and parka/windbreaker mix. It makes the outerwear look so sleek and elegant, yet sporty and light. Layering above a thick cotton hoodie and joggers made the entire outfit look so comfortable and luxurious at the same time.

Right: I love the structure and rough texture neoprene gives, although it is a really impractical material to wear in Singapore. Layering it above a jumpsuit that is baggy and smooth just gives a beautiful contrast that goes so well together. I love the tapered end of the jumper, which really framed the entire bottom half, making it look structured yet flowy at the same time. 


3. Merger/fusion

When I first saw these 2 outfits, the first question I had in mind was: wait is that a shirt or a jacket or a….? The smart play with the addition and location of zippers and pockets really caught my eye because it looks like it’s 2 different pieces of clothing fused/merged into one. The outfit on the left makes me feel like he’s wearing a one-piece and a two-piece outfit at the same time – how cool is that?! 

4. Unconventional slits/cuts

I was really surprised at how he managed to create cuts/slits that really stood out in the outfits, but yet make them look so wearable at the same time. I like how the slits were done at places that would grab your attention eg. legs, joints such as the elbow, and the waist – but yet they are not too over-the-top. FYI, I am amazed at how the outfit on the top left features a one-piece that has a vest combined with a dress combined with a jumpsuit (!!!). 


5. Minimal connections

The last thing that I love about this collection is how they just connect so nicely together. The connections between the pieces are so minimal eg. wires/straps in the above outfits, different parts of the outfit sewed together or even the material/design of the footwear – but it makes the entire outfit flow so well from top to bottom. I could probably mix and match different pieces of the collection and they would still go well together. 

All in all, I really enjoyed this collection and it is so inspirational because all the things I mentioned above are actually what I personally look out for when I style my clothes. This collection really opened my eyes to how much more creative one can get in this line of aesthetics. I hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it – I had so much difficulty picking out my favourite outfits because all of them are amazing! Leave a comment below to let me know what you guys think! 


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